Finished Projects

Our interior designer makes your dreams come to life

Our input doesn’t stop with the finished oak building, complete with matching roof and stylish windows. We can finish your construction to fit a complete lifestyle concept.

1. Technical installation

We can help design and coordinate the technical installation such as heating, plumbing and HVAC and the complete interior design: floors, lighting, kitchen, wellness, bathroom, painting,…

2. What kind of lifestyle concept do you envision?

You’ve probably already visualised your dream interior. Would you like a pool house with a bar, outdoor kitchen or wellness area? Do you require a guest house or a garden office? The functional possibilities for an oak extension or garden room are endless. We don’t just place oak constructions, we create complete lifestyle concepts.

Everything you’ve dreamed of, can be designed. Your oak extension or garden room is completed as a finished project, ready to be lived in.