Our method

From pencil sketch to custom heritage

As if nature itself placed your oak building. That’s the challenge our designer rises to meet for each project.

1. Dreams and sketches

Each Heritage Building oak construction starts from your dream. Your dream to enjoy your house or garden even more. Your dream to create a unique space to relax. All the while keeping the added investment value to your home in mind.

During the first meeting, our designer listens to your wishes and translates this into a rough sketch. To help you visualise your dream turning into your unique oak creation step by step.

2. The perfect symbiosis

After a home visit, our designer creates a detailed pencil drawing from his rough sketch. The perfect symbiosis between your garden, home and the new oak construction. He won’t settle for less. No detail will escape his attention...

What’s the best fit for you: a handmade English tile slate roof, straw or old slates from Boom (“Boomse pannen”)?

During this phase, you’ll also receive a clear and transparent financial outlay of your investment. With a guaranteed added investment value to your home higher than what you spend now. We’ll throw in the daily enjoyment you get from your oak building for free...    

Once we get the green light, we’ll work out the technical details – and you’ll receive all the necessary documents for planning permission, if necessary. If the construction requires changes in stability, we hire an architect to oversee the construction.

3. Craftsmanship from England

The combination of ultra modern precision machines and centuries worth of craftsmanship knowledge guarantees a perfect site preparation.

Our team strive for perfection and a detail oriented approach to give you a lasting quality finish.  After a mere three months, your dream will become your reality.
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4. With the complete finish?

You can trust your oak or garden room’s finishing to us. Our team installs various amenities including electrical, heating and HVAC...

Our interior designer can help you plan your furnished kitchen, bathroom, wellness space, etc. You can also count on us for lighting, floors and painting.

We make sure to complete your project to the smallest detail and deliver you an oak dream and lifestyle concept.  
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