Our quality

An investment for future generations

Time is oak craftsmanship’s best friend. We build the future’s heritage today.

1. Quality Sussex oak

Sussex oak is an English type of wood known for its extreme hardness. Because of Sussex soil’s harder layer of clay, roots have to be tougher to make it to underground water. This leads to denser wood. Therefore, Sussex oak, without maintenance, keeps for multiple generations.

We only use the innermost part (QPA) of oak trunks. This central part gives the beams in our constructions its strength and stability. We don’t settle for any less.

For the boarding we mainly use Scots larch. This durable wood ages in near the same manner as oak. After some time, it will acquire a soft, silver patina.

2. Authentic mortise and tenon joints

The load bearing constructions are made up of traditional English mortise and tenon joints. No nails or screws come into play.

Because we allow the tenons to dry to 5% humidity – and the rest of the oak retains 15 - 17% humidity – the tenon anchors itself solid in the mortise.

These joints have an incredible load bearing capacity and can’t be dissembled.

3. Traditional craftsmanship and modern technique

Before your oak building gets to the preparatory stage, we do a detailed computer load bearing calculation. We calculate the necessary bearing capacity of each beam in the frame to eliminate all risk.

All preparatory work is done in a modern workshop in the English countryside. The combination of authentic craftsmanship and ultramodern production techniques ensure a wonderful end result.

Before your oak building’s ‘custom construction kit’ begins its travels across the Channel, all parts are test assembled. This is how we make 100% sure no parts are missing.

Thanks to our steadfast focus on quality and the linked checks we are the only company in Europe with a TRADA-membership and a CE mark. Your oak extension or building also conforms to the current energy regulations.

4. Professional construction

Our own experienced crew builds the extension or garden room. Every detail warrants our attention.

For example, we only allow the concrete slab with extra reinforcements to be poured under supervision.

With fired clay cobbles – completely custom made – we avoid all contact between the ground and your wooden construction. Rising damp doesn’t stand a chance and your investment will stay in perfect condition for 150 to 200 years.