More than 2,600 projects speak for themselves

Over the past 20 years, we have completed almost 2,000 oak living extensions, outbuildings and garden rooms. Each project is an exclusive authentic piece of English craftsmanship. It lives and breathes the English countryside. A pleasure to the eye, a pleasure to touch and live in. Allow our projects to inspire you and change your life.

Heritage Buildings - Meer dan 2.600 realisaties spreken voor zich.


Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 13Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 9Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 5Heritage Buildings - Overdekt Zwembad 3Heritage Buildings - Leefkeuken 5Heritage Buildings - Leefkeuken 1Heritage Buildings - Guesthouse 1Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 4Heritage Buildings - Driving Range 5Heritage Buildings - Driving Range 1Heritage Buildings - Cartport 4
Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 12Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 8Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 4Heritage Buildings - Overdekt Zwembad 2Heritage Buildings - Leefkeuken 4Heritage Buildings - Guesthouse 4Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 7Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 3Heritage Buildings - Driving Range 4Heritage Buildings - Cartport 7Heritage Buildings - Cartport 3
Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 11Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 7Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 3Heritage Buildings - Overdekt Zwembad 1Heritage Buildings - Leefkeuken 3Heritage Buildings - Guesthouse 3Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 6Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 2Heritage Buildings - Driving Range 3Heritage Buildings - Cartport 6Heritage Buildings - Cartport 2
Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 10Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 6Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 2Heritage Buildings - Poolhouse 1Heritage Buildings - Leefkeuken 2Heritage Buildings - Guesthouse 2Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 5Heritage Buildings - Feestlocatie 1Heritage Buildings - Driving Range 2Heritage Buildings - Cartport 5Heritage Buildings - Cartport 1


Heritage Buildings BV

Ambiorixlei 8B
2900 Schoten
RPR Antwerpen
BTW BE0808 609 915

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